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Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:39 pm

  • Gosh damn, long freakin time. Was recruited by DarkWeb long ago and went by Giles. I was searching for the old Clan page with the reaper home page that I believe Joker worked on and found this forum. Was searching for the old sight to see who was still around and I see that there are new members and im sure some names that have changed. Not sure who is who anymore but I still remember the good old days in SOF, then Halo, and on to BF for a short bit for me. Also the nice little lan party we had in Lemoore NAS with Jason and Wendell. Miss you guys and hope all is going well for you all.
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  • Hey Giles, nice to meet you, I'm a new member since a year, so i never knew you :D
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  • i play sof2 more than anything else nowadays, runs on the laptop the best so its fun, played couple nights ago, hmu for some rounds if your still rampaging :lol:
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