SOF2 Dying Painfully

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Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:27 pm

  • Whilst there are quite a few players around and limited servers, the game is becoming stupid.

    I have not played much in the last year but had a frag last night. Went into the server KOS with a ping of 270 playing CTF. Only 3 there.

    Killing off this KOS guy as he grabbed flags, then grabbed some. Says to me to do that again. So I did and kill him. Each time he killed me - continually calls me 'pussy' then says 'watch your mouth". Tell him to grow up and just play the game. Kicks/Bans me.

    Go to Heretic server. Guy camping the spawns playing CTF. Call him a noob and says "Look at your kill ratio faggot." I say, "It's not Deathmatch you noob. It is CTF. Besides the fact my ping is 250 to your 30.. how many flags have you capped? Oh sorry how many spawns have you camped and killed?" I had 6 flags (9 peeps on each side at this time).

    There are real idiots out there and I am really not interested playing any game and this is what I continually am faced with any time you play this game. Campers and disrespectful idiots who can't play and just have fun. Society and kids attitudes are so bad now. I have little or no motivation to game right now.
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Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:25 pm

  • Ahhh....the slow death of a popular online game. What once was can never be again.

    Sad but true. You are probably the Lone Ranger of OSS in that game Shag, and of course, everyone else has given it up quite the while ago...

    This reminds me of the waning days of the Red Faction era of our old TOXIC clan.
    With a one time count of approximately 1000 servers at it's peak to a current level of 24 tells the story of it's demise.

    By late 2005 to early in 2006, the game had become basically a haven for haters and a host game for bickering. The hate ran so deep (I never understood why) that players were actually threatening each others lives, making up derogatory web sites against each other and posting hatred and vile comments in what few clan forums remained.
    The insurmountable number of cheaters in the game made even a brief visit to a server a lesson in frustration.

    The one bright moment in the old game came along when a guy I know developed a third party version of the game which had a lot of toys to keep the cheaters at bay. But alas, his little program, though it sparked a renewed and cautious interest in the game by many, was a good thing but too late in coming. By this time there were on a good weekend, maybe 40 servers up and they were empty most of the time.

    Under the mental idea that I still have some affinity for the old game, I have maintained and kept running a couple of servers from home in Red Faction for about 5 years.
    It's weird that you'd post this about SOF2 ghosting away, because I just decided this past weekend to close the two servers and put them back to task in running the SETI and Einstein programs for a while.

    I only play Red Faction on the rare occasion when my girl Sandy and me want to shoot each other up a little just for shitz and giggles. Other than that, we typically play Left 4 Dead 2.

    So, along with your comments I have this to offer:
    I think you need the cameraderie of some OSS gamers. I am endeared to these forums a great deal.
    I think each of us who have been here so long, feel like it's our internet home.
    And as great as this may be, the real experience and payoff of being a clan happens within the confines of:
    1. an online game shared with members, and
    2. the communication with fellow members through a chat medium (Vent, Mumble, Teamspeak).

    If the frustration and irritation of a particular game is poison, then a renewed interest in a game others are playing is the antidote. I can assure you Shag, I have been there...
    Red Faction - Dead Game
    Star Trek Elite Forces - Dead Game
    UTXMP - Dead Game
    UT2003 and UT2004 - Still around, but hardly
    SOF2 - Still around, but hardly
    Battlefield 2 - Still around, but Slowly going dead
    Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Probably another year, maybe two, then a slow death
    And Now, Battlefield 3 - Who knows....?

    And then you have World of Tanks, Battlefield 2 -Project Reality, Unreal Tournament 3...and a few others....

    My thoughts are that you should go ahead and get Battlefield 3, get in the game with those of us who play and regain some of that aspect of the social part of the clan.

    We can't all like the same game at the same time. This was not necessarily always true, but has become more so of late. But I think you'd really like the spark of something new and I guarantee you'd love being in the fray with us. I miss you in-game as I'm sure many others do as well.
    Look, the damn game is already $10 less than when it released.

    We had such a blast the other night while playing on a Team with each other tearing up the enemy and working together to win! I think you'd get into it enough that SOF2 would become a fleeting memory of good times, but happy it's over.

    sorry for the long read, but I had a lot to say... :twisted:
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Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:09 am

  • I am thinking about it Blood.. but I just don't have the time to spare and the time zone difference doesn't help either.

    I have tested a few games over the last few years and nothing has ever really stood out for very long. There was Crysis, COD MW2, Fear and BF2. Crysis was good for a while but the problem was attitudes as with stuff like the post above.

    You are right the social and interaction will make the difference. Interaction with our Clan would make a big impact and difference, so I'll give it some thought. However, first I have to upgrade quite a bit and haven't got to it yet.. so we shall see.

    Thanks for the nice comments and passion you put in there. Always appreciated my friend. :)
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Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:37 pm

  • Guys...I read the words from above 2 posts. Playing with friends is so much better. ...eerrrr! a shiz! Many time I have played a whole bunch of hours. When I finnaly come to my senses and get the hell out of servers...whos logging in..Blood... :cry: ...
    buuuut...once and while ....Vanilla, toothp, Witty pops up. ->Game On! :D

    Ghost?...........not sure.... :? Building the house maybe.

    Anyway...Im on. I have a mission to get up in global. Its a struggle and a pain but soooooo many good times in a wonderful game. The game experience varies quite alot between different servers. Once you find a one that has the settings good (where U get alotsa frags, lol) and connection is K! BF3 is very entertaining. It looks amazing, you get credit for almost everything you do, join a squad. Do some distance shooting - sniping and find out that you cant hide in this game! took some time to accept. theres no "wookie" outfit, haha! Get in the F35 Jet and learn its up and downs. Hunt down multiple enemy jets and top it with a Russian havoc...after that I mostly have spend my luck and get shot down. Hmmmm....or play like a demon like Blood and go TDM/SQDM, its an art to know how to score high. Also needs the proper weapons and unlocks to compeatable.

    Dang...this can be a novel. I love the game! The better hardware the more watchable.

    Only thing that disturbs yet is some bugs and all the garbage in streets of Oman City and Karkand. God damn paper and packages from Juice and even dogsfood...haha. It (BF3) comes with almost to much details for my eys.. Oh...I lamost forgot :!: I cant landscape as I could in BC2. Now there some vegetation that is "Static". No matter waht one try to blow the bushes/trees up with. :evil:
    Why do sucha stupid thing? Well its strategic thinking. Wont explain tht now. I will now drink my coffe and then into the game again.

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Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:34 pm

  • Sadly it only takes a few people to ruin the game for everyone. And the worst part is that they make people drop the game. And eventually we all forget the social aspect and laughter of gaming. Afterall that is purpose of why we started gaming right? I cant speak for bf3 but as for bc2, gaming alone without teammates to chat is absolutely boring compared to having just one clanmate to game with on vent.
    And termi I wish you the best of luck on your goal. :)
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Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:41 am

  • ahh the sof2 days, like blood said have many many good memories :) I was very young at the time but i remember quite fondly playing alongside roid,shagz and blood, plus many others who arent around as often as they use to be, such as the older honkey, but ill always remember shagz and his f*ckin suicide nades >.< HAHA :D The social aspect of gaming, honestly, is prpbably the most important aspect to having fun online, it isnt as fun if you cant share the frags eh fellas! nowadays in these older fps genre games they are as said above, dead, dying, or full of noobs/haxors. We will possibly have to setup a sof2 home server and have a clan/friends get together, like old times!
    keep it rockin boys :)
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Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:15 am

  • I play infrequently.. good to see I still have some skill. :)

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Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:53 am

  • Nice play SHAGG
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