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Soldier of Fortune 2
Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:55 am

  • Geesh.. just realized I haven't even opened the short-cut to SOF2 since late January.

    What's going on? :shock:

    Oh well.. I guess since the local SKLD server was closed, I lost all interest playing. Might try the camper-cheat-filled Heretic server in the next week or month or.. year.. hahaa.

    Last time I played at Heretic I was banned by Death or Raven. Said I was clearly cheating. I said, "No, clearly you never played an Old School Soldier who is far more tactical and smarter than you!"

    Might wait longer. I don't really have itchy feet and thinking of the last game I played there annoys me. :roll:
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Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:28 am

  • :lol: Sof2 is like a good old wine. I had a few rounds after....a couple of years from it. Found a familiar clan server and went in. Little rusty first but as freaking fun as before when we had those xx-hours sessions.

    Shagz, are U getting that BF3. I have a good but short memory. :oops:

    If you get that new rig..it most like be some fun .

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Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:50 pm

  • Absolutely cool to play a game you love. And even more so one that you are adept at playing.

    I have hopped in the game a few times over the last several months (5 or 6 maybe) and after some lengthy downloads, played a few rounds with some actual players. 99% of the time the servers are full of Bots. So there was some challenge to get into a game to play live players.

    yeah it's still fun. Of all the games I really liked after experiencing the fast paced player movement in Red Faction and UT, it was always a good feel to play SOF2.

    Shaggie did you ever come across or have a program called SOF2 Runner? I think I still have that on a disk somewhere. But it was the coolest server tool I have ever used for any game up to now, including Pro-Con and others for BC2. I used to have it running on a PC which had Windows Server 2000 on it and that thing ran so smooth.

    It included the Rock Mod, which was my favorite "realism" tool for keeping the weapons at the damage levels they were intended to be.

    Matter of fact the last server I played on was a Rock Mod server and it felt great. Player speed was probably around 180 to 200 or so and it was fast..
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Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:22 pm

  • Haven't used it Blood.

    Server speeds are usually 300-350 which is good. My view it is best because you're running at a good pace and makes it harder for the other to snap you.

    RocMod is the best, but unfortunately it is too hackable and is too easy to crash. You could just type @aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in the talk ("T?) and crash the server(s). Some have fixed them.

    See how I go. Not too enthusiastic but will sometime.
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