A Tale of a Sore Loser: XtG- ViPeR

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Mon Jul 30, 2007 9:22 am

  • Was playing in NIN's server and came across this Aussie fella using what appeared to be a wallhack. NIN aint running PB. So I challenged him to a server with PB and Pure Server. Ours is perfect for matching all files with Pure Server (as Crimo knows). Dynasty or ROB were other choices.

    Kevin (Xeon) and his friend SS|Dragon were there. I was beating this guy and so this is what he comes up with when he realizes I'm beating him...

    -^,XtG-^,ViPeR: i see u use the cheat

    -^,XtG-^,ViPeR: fbs

    -^,XtG-^,ViPeR: man u are sooo bad i will have ur guid now

    -^,XtG-^,ViPeR: anyway i will submit it to gsa and ogn

    -^,XtG-^,ViPeR: have a good banning day

    ^E=^2OSS^G*^2F^Ko^YB^Ki^2A^E=: its full punkbuster mate

    -^,XtG-^,ViPeR: punk my head

    -^,XtG-^,ViPeR: i have ur guid

    ^!=^SISS^!*-]^SDr4gon^![-*=: you is a noob

    -^,XtG-^,ViPeR: bye u are dead

    ^E=^2OSS^G*^2F^Ko^YB^Ki^2A^E=: @11

    ^E=^2OSS^G*^2F^Ko^YB^Ki^2A^E=: whatever makes you feel better for losing

    ClientDisconnect: 4

    Some people really are bad losers. :roll:



    GUID: 8CBC1E93D4E024E6DFF90C7DBDC4B4C1

    PS... I also noticed a stack of XTG clan members are listed in Punkbuster. LOL! :evil:
    http://www.punksbusted.com/cgi-bin/memb ... type=smart

    The above happened in Prague_1. This screenie below when he first came in. Also NAFA arrived again... and again banned.

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