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  • A realism event. Like Real-life. Dump no shooting civi's.

    http://prteamwork.com/threads/operation ... arch.2066/

    Wicca, post: 17611, member: 2 wrote:Name: Operation Deliverance
    31st March 20.00 UTC all players must be on mumble at 19.30 UTC
    Map: Basra 64
    Player Size: 128 players
    Type: Scenario Based
    Mumble must be used in the event or you will be kicked from the sever
    A special one off event, basic insurgency layout, but with extra goodies. This is basically standard insurgency with an added objective for the British to really test the command and control skills. The British side will be given an amount of time to set up Forward Operating Bases in Mansion (cimic house on the map) and VCP bulldog these must be held at all costs. Resupply to these bases must be done via supply trucks by road route only. (deployable bridges are allowed to be used). With this it will give to Commanders of both sides the tactical decisions of communication and also deciding what forces will go where. Please read the rules at the bottom. All questions and answered by myself at the 19.30 mumble time.
    The Operation Mini Map

    Conditions for Victory
    NATO conditions
    NATO keep hold of VCP and Mansion until end of the round
    Enemy Weapons Caches are destroyed
    Insurgent Conditions
    Have complete control over VCP or mansion for over 30 min
    NATO tickets are all gone (very simple just kill)
    Defence of Weapons Cashes

    Rules for the Game

    1.Nato Forces will not engage unless fired upon.
    1A. Stone throwing is not being fired upon
    1B. Exceptions are if Insurgent are in your face with a weapon then it is fair game. i.e 5 feet in front of you use common sense

    2. Bomb car Use is allowed
    2A. No bomb car attacks on main base or VCP or Mansion

    3. Mortars are not allowed at all

    4. The Mosque is out of bounds the road bypassing the mosque is allowed but due to religious reasons NATO cant set foot in there.

    5. NATO FOBS only allowed at VCP and the Mansion
    5A. One FOB is allowed but must be guarded by a squad and located on a supply route, once it is down no more FOB,s are allowed to be built. (Adds emphiesis on re supply).
    5B Insurgents can build FOB's anywhere
    5C VCP and Mansion FOB,s can be re built

    6. Civilians in cars must obey the traffic laws

    7. All NATO transports to and from Mansion or VCP must use the Road or deployable bridge network.
    7A. Insurgents can ambush said road network

    8. During the start up phase Insurgents are confined to the Mosque this mean inside the walls
    8A. No tking or shooting in the air when inside the walls

    9. The tank will not be used at all

    10. Obey the rules or kicked on a third offence


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  • Sounds like an admin's worst nightmare. There is no way to have 128 players follow the ROE.

    I can see it now. The first instance that someone shoots a civilian or an insurgent without a weapon selected, and the chat will be blown up with "So and So shot me!", "You had a weapon pointed at and shot first!", "No I didn't." Yada yada.

    I'll take part but I don't want to squad lead... that's for sure. It'll probably turn into a crap storm real quick.
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  • I think it would be a blast playing as Insurgent in a scenario like that! I also have a feeling Trolls everywhere are going to put this on their "to do" list! :lol:
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  • Im up for this, but some rules are stupid like the no mortars one wth ?!!
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  • If I'm free I'll do it. Save me a spot Troop!
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  • It sucked.... you already missed it anyway dump :)

    It was a admin shit fest...
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  • It wasnt bad, I liked it, just the server was fuking up.
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