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Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:29 pm

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    "A few days ago, it was brought to our attention that the =]H[= HARDCORE server had been allegedly requesting payments in order for players to be unbanned. Since then, we have investigated the allegation, been in communication with the =]H[= server admins, and discussed it extensively within the team. This is our response.

    The facts:

    * The allegation is true, and is not a single incident. This has been found to have happened on many occasions, involving several admins and several players.

    * The server admins do not deny this as having occurred.

    * The server admins do not feel this is inappropriate in any way. This is judged by our correspondence with them.

    * The process of receiving payments is not part of the standard ban appeal process, rather chosen at the discretion of the server admin attending to the appeal.

    * On occasion, but not always, the following options are offered as alternatives to payments:-

    o an essay on any random topic with a random target word count and random deadline, chosen at the discretion of the server admin attending to the appeal; or

    o the option of waiting out the ban length, which can sometimes be permanent and obviously not even an option.

    * The amount of money requested is not a set amount, but rather randomly chosen at the discretion of the server admin attending to the appeal. The amount requested has also been seen to change to be lower or higher depending on the response of the banned player.

    * On many occasions, no reason has been provided as to why the payment is required, other than it is a "server donation".

    During our own investigation, the following events occurred and helped to formulate our ultimate decision:-

    * The head server administrator took the server down and launched his own "investigation".

    * We were told that after the investigation we would receive the results of their investigation - PR Management views this as a great start in order to solve the problem quickly and simply.

    * When we received the results of their investigation, we discovered that the person who started the payment-for-ban-reversal process had just been promoted as the new head server administrator, and that the server was back up and running. The results also did not seem to deal with the issue at all, rather the =]H[= server admins were trying to justify their actions as being legitimate - PR Management views this as completely inappropriate.

    We further note that requesting payment to be unbanned with the implied threat that if they don't do this, they will stay banned (possibly permanently), is by definition extortion. In the United States where the server is situated, this is a federal crime.

    The Project Reality: BF2 Server License agreement, that the =]H[= server admins have agreed to, states the following:

    "8. RESPONSIBILITY. You assume full liability and responsibility for any actions taken by the LICENSOR against you or unauthorized users deemed to be in violation of this LICENSE."
    "10. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This LICENSE constitutes the entire agreement between you and the LICENSOR" ... "The LICENSOR reserves the right to discontinue the availability of the SOFTWARE, or modify the SOFTWARE or this LICENSE, at any time, without obligation to anyone."
    We as PR Management therefore believe that the only remedy available to us is to terminate the server license, and blacklist the server - effective immediately. As the license agreement states, we are well within our rights to do this. We do not wish the actions of a single server to damage the good reputation and goodwill amongst the overall gaming community.

    To the community who play on this server regularly, we offer our most sincere apologies for removing your place to play. We understand that you had no part in this, and that you are the people who will suffer most. We offer the suggestion of looking for different servers to play on, or combine your resources to create a new gaming community, with a new server and a new server license.

    To the =]H[= server administrators, you are within your rights to appeal our decision by contacting myself, [R-DEV]Gaz or [R-DEV]epoch directly via private message.

    - Project Reality Management"
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  • Yeah, I found that on the forums also.... seem like something they would do.
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  • If only we had more active PR players and a willingness to pay for a 64-player server, I would gladly try to get a server off the ground for all the North American players looking for a place to play now. But I never seen that happening. Trooper should get a job. Then maybe. :P

    I think its safe to say that I have been playing PR for probably longer than I played vBF2 and still enjoy it. And speaking of playing time, my rotating shift schedule has my off days coming up on the actual Sat./Sun. weekend starting in February. I hope to get some good rounds in with you guys.
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