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Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:18 am

  • Guys i need your help URGENT!!!! or not urgent if u have not much time :)

    Last days i read tons of threads bout mods in WoT -mostly for crosshairs- but also for other stuff.
    After all the reading i decided to "mod" my crosshair downloaded the files and did like it was described how to do. Then some malfuntions appeared
    1. the game stoped at loadingscreen at 100%
    I fixed it
    2.the game crashed on loading screen
    I fixed it
    3. AND THIS was the most annoying cuz the game worked fine with the moded crosshair => my ALT key didnt do anything. I didn´t see the icons over any tank or the names and tier calss when I hit ALT. Only the icons on the minimap. I played a few rounds but it´s impossible when u dont see a shit even on shortest range.
    Now i did a complete reinstall and everything i s fine again.
    BUT i really fell in love with this crosshair where u can see reloadtime, damage and stuff.
    So... has anyone a working crosshairmod for 7.1 (it´s 7.1b now) and if yes PLEASE a description what i have to do.
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