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Thu May 19, 2011 6:54 pm

  • 15 players or more unfortunately. Just seemed interesting
    Clan Wars is a browser-based multiplayer military and geopolitical component of World of Tanks MMO.
    Global Map is Clan Wars theater of operations, divided into provinces.
    Clan Wars gameplay is based on the strategic struggle for Global Map territories between clans.
    In Clan Wars armored forces of different clans are represented by chips. The number of clan’s chips equals to the number of players in the clan that played at least one battle on any vehicle of Tier V or higher. Such player provides one chip to the clan no matters how many vehicles of Tier V and up he or she has played.
    Every clan possesses one headquarters. Headquarters can be relocated from one province to another and is used to dispatch clan’s chips from reserve to Global Map.
    Commanders and Deputy Commanders manage chips distribution on Global Map. Other clan members can observe the location and movement of their clan’s forces and headquarters. Also they have access to battle schedules of all clans.

    Global Map Time:
    Clan Wars is a turn-based strategy. One day on Global Map consists of 24 turns, lasting 60 minutes each.
    All changes are applied in the beginning of the next turn. In that very moment all chips and headquarters will be relocated according to the changes that clans have applied.
    To apply your changes, make and confirm them before countdown timer goes off.

    Prime Time in provinces is adapted to American time zones.
    During Prime Time all chips movement between neighbor provinces located in different time zones is suspended.
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