So this is what you guys are up to...

Strats, Tactix, etc. for WoT

  • Sup all... It's been a while... after getting this inspection job I've been working a shitload and havent' touched any games or the computer for that matter (cept for pr0n & banking; the essentials). I have a few weeks of the normal 40hr work week and then off to Wyoming for 6-8 wks. Any clanners near Riverton?

    I remember Bulldog mentioning this game and I see several of you are playing it now. Anything worthy of its own "category" in the forums has to be big. I'll give it a go tonight.
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Fri May 06, 2011 6:40 pm

  • Ogey! :D
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Mon May 09, 2011 7:11 am

  • and? what do u say?
    if u find some time besides work u gonna love the game the more u advance
    METAL RULEZ :twisted:
    (NO kangaroos in Austria)
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Mon May 09, 2011 9:37 am

  • How did you like WoT, Ogey?

    It can be pretty miserable until you are upgraded into the level two tanks so hang in there.
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