Easter Challenge

Strats, Tactix, etc. for WoT
Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:14 pm

  • I wont compete in it because it will be won in the first hour of the morning of course.
    Heres the riddle:

    Easter Hustle and Bustle in World of Tanks

    Here go the rules in block
    How to seize fortune by the forelock.
    If you are smart and sly like a fox,
    Your prize awaits you
    Somewhere close…

    All good things come in threes,
    Some good things hide in trees
    Lucky ones, they will see
    Easter eggs unexpectedly.
    Find them, if you can,
    Hound them, happy men!
    Show us all if in the fight
    Easter egg escaped or died…

    Second thing that’s also good
    Try to find among the floods,
    Trolls and millions of thoughts
    That belong to all in WOT.
    When you happen to espy,
    Hold it tight, not losing time
    Capture it and forward right.

    Last and foremost is the field
    Where nothing but good will
    Leads a sage to share his lore
    With the ones who trust him a lot.
    Be attentive! Try to spot
    Something that is way-out and odd.
    Having noticed wiseman’s play
    Shoot it fast and fast e-mail!

    Your Easter present will contain
    2500 gold for your game.
    Be fast, creative, a little mad
    To hunt the eggs that we have spread…
    Whenever find the precious bag
    E-mail it to Wargaming.net!

    WOT hustle and bustle will be going on on Easter Sunday, April 24th
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