Ping Spikes and game freezes since CQ maps (FIX)

  • This was the find of a life time. Since the CQ maps have been released, I havent been able to play successfully with out my ping jumping into the 1000 range, freezing the game and hence forcing me to quit. I've read most every forum I could find in the Battlelog, when I stumbled across this. ... 719753534/

    Headhunter7474 comes back with the fix. It doesnt take very long, providing your not using a cell phone as an internet connection. I was able to follow the instructions and within 1 hours, I've played on servers I wasnt able to play on before. I've been in 2 different CQ servers, and scored very well, without any lag issues at all.

    Come to find out, somewhere I was missing an update, or something got corrupted in the downloading experience. Reguardless what the cause, this is the fix. PLEASE pass this along to anyone experiencing this problem. I know there are alot of people POed that they cant play the game, and believe me I was too. Now that the 2XP is over, I found the fix, but at least I found it and can play again. Thank God and HeadHunter7474.

    Back again! Finally here is the solution for the BF3 and computer freeze with strange sounds remaining!!!!!! Follow the instructions and that error is gone for everm hopefully! I played now for 3 hours without any freezing system. This is for ATI Graphic card users, I dont know if it works for Nvidia, too.

    1. Download the latest driver for ATI graphic card at: ... n7-64.aspx []
    2. Install it, if a reboot of your system is necessary, do that and then continue with step 3
    3. In Origin, click the settings gear next to your user-name on the upper right side. Select Settings from the drop down and then click on the ‘Browse Game Installers’ button. A window will appear with folders in it. Now completely exit the Origin software by clicking wheel icon "Exit" but do not close the window.
    Now in the window, double click on the folder with your email address. Now delete the file called ‘Offline-cache’. Now launch the Origin software again
    Now select the My game tab and right click on the Battlefield game and then select the repair option.
    Wait till repair of Battle Field 3 is done.

    Once you have done that follow these steps:
    Go to C:\Windows\System32 folder
    Search for the "cmd" application right click on the application and select the run as administrator option

    Now type: sfc /scannow

    The scan takes a while, if there are any errors (this will be displayed at the end of scan) will they be fixed after reboot
    If there are no errors found reboot your system too and start the game

    Additional informations about: sfc /scannow:
    It checks for the critical system files of the system required for the game running.

    Additional information about this error:
    there is no particular reason for this. It usually comes up due to the corrupt cache files of theOrigin.

    Last but not least, many thanks to EA supporter "Sharat". He made possible what several other EA supporters, who I contacted, weren't able to do (e.g. providing stupid suggetionst like deactivate firewall and anti-virus programs to solve the problem).

    Copy and paste this in all forums you know - make it "google-able.

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  • I didn't bought it (yet) but thanks a lot!
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