Account Online When I Am Not Online?

Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:19 pm

  • So I periodically check the Battle Reports tab in Battlelog.

    I notice that 26 minutes ago I was in a certain server and scored 0 Kills and 1 Death?

    Okay...26 minutes ago I was in my pickup truck leaving a Gasoline Station 12 miles from my home.

    So my account just randomly signed on and joined a game in progress?
    I don't think so....
    Anyone know WTF is going on with this?

    Just another idiocy of the already proven PHAIL points of this game?
    Having played online games since 1996, I have never had as many things to be all screwed up in any game I've ever owned.
    This is not just another random thread posted to dis the game or it's developers.

    The issues so many of the players of this game have had approach the ridiculous point.
    Every time EA/DICE have had their hands in the soup bowl, there is another new set of issues that cause more problems.

    I love playing this game, but it has been a challenge that never should have been with all the hype and bragging over it's release, etc etc...
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  • I dunno Blood.... there is some weird stuff. Luckily most of these kind of things all have to do with the "backend database" systems having problems. In some ways it's good that they have kinda separated the game-engine from all the stats and account stuff. But they still have a long ways to go for getting the backend stuff working flawlessly.

    I think maybe they are showing you online to make up for all the time that my soldier is online but doesn't appear online to anybody else. In other words, I'm seeing the opposite of what you describe. Just last night I was sitting there playing and another guy in Teamspeak told me that I was "offline" in his friends list. I even sent him a battlelog-chat and it showed up but still the system thought I was offline (he got chat messages from an offline guy...pretty neat trick).

    Maybe they are taking my time and giving it to you? he he....
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