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Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:21 pm

Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:07 am

  • That's all well and good I guess but here is the deal -

    A large portion of people who bought and have played or are playing BF3 did not move from BF2 to Bad Company 2. So, the shock of the new game engine and the total non-BF2 style of play left many gamers wondering "what the hell?".

    There are still posts in the game forums of Battlelog in which gamers are constantly wanting "kill cam like COD" to be included, or "This weapon is too accurate" or "This weapon needs to be nerfed" and on and on and on with the constant bullshit about comparing BF3's experience to something else.

    The next largest group of players came from COD or one of it's many versions, and thinking they are
    going to have the same game experience with BF3 are sorely disappointed and disgruntled.

    Well, this aint your momma's COD and it sure as hell aint BF2.

    Bad Company 2, if nothing else, was a great introduction to the Frostbite Engine and it's playability.
    It had the feel and gaming style of a classic true First Person Shooter. Sure, they had to soften this weapon and make this one better and change up, re-do and fix shit but the game was what it was and that is all it was. Love it or hate it, EVERYONE knew BF3 was going to be similar.

    So I am not sure of exactly everything the gaming community wants from EA/DICE.
    I read that they want more done about Hackers.
    I read that they want certain weapons equalled out or even eliminated from the game.
    I read that they want a VOIP in the game that works for squad use.
    I read that they want Bigger maps.

    All this shiz comes and goes with every game.
    Maybe it's EA's fault for promising more than what gamers feel was delivered. I don't know.

    Bottom Line...
    If I never played the game again, I've gotten my $60 worth of entertainment. Simply Divide $60 by my hours/minutes of playing time and it works out that it's been a good bargain for me.

    There is no other entertainment medium I could have taken up that even comes close to that cost per hour.

    The only thing I think about is all these constant complaints over the game are going to result in something far removed from the game I currently enjoy.

    I still feel bad concerning the many people who had so many issues with the game, it's install, the playablity and loading, Crashes back to desktop, couldn't join servers and etc etc..
    Particularly those in our own group who wanted, but couldn't get the thing going correctly for whatever reason.
    In this regard, I think EA/DICE failed in a larger way by not getting a head start on the fixes for those issues rather than cater to the NOOBERT and WHINER gamers who have to run and tell Mommy that the bad old mean player uses a weapon that is just too strong and please please please fix it so I can kill someone too... :roll:

    I think I am going to puke if I read one more whine about the weapons...

    Here is the latest on changes from you know who:! ... 195992365/
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