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  • =OSS*TERMINATOR= wrote::roll: goes on. Im a complete vehicle...nerd. So many to use in BF3..liky liky...

    he he..... I have a question for you, from one vehicle nerd to another.......

    What do you think of the instant vehicle-respawn that I've got setup on our server? I've seen a few people complain about it, but not too many. I've kinda grown to like it myself. Just curious what a fellow vehicle nerd thinks about it?
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  • If I had worked really hard to take down a tank or whatever just to have it at the ready by the time I reloaded my next anti-armor weapon round, it would probably be somewhat irritating.

    The lack of a waiting period for the Armor generation could be offset by allowing the enemy unlimited RPG's, and I doubt you'd set that up on the server... :shock:
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  • Instant vehicle respawn. Frankly...I have past the approxiate "half" om my life time. I absolutely love it. Why wait when you can get all the fun back instantly. Real life is for waiting and waiting and...

    Tactically: its the same to all players. Those who visit learn how to use the instant respawn and I actually think its good to keep up the population of the server. People hate to stay in line/wait. Also want to mention the fact that a "base" attack on the carrier in Gulf of Oman must be considered since once U maybe got a frag U need to watch out for the guy waiting for the instant F35 or Apache to spawn. :twisted:

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  • =OSS*DesmoLocke= wrote:You vehicle nuts would probably hate Project Reality's 15-minute respawn for of heavy assets like tanks and jets. :P

    I think it just depends....... If the teamwork and communication is "in place" then there is plenty of fun to be had just by working as a team/squad. Absent that, however, and vehicles (and plenty 'o them) do tend to help keep the fun levels up.

    Anyway... thanks for the feedback. Interesting to see everybody's take on that stuff. For Blood's comment about infinite RPG.... that simply isn't possible because DICE didn't code the server/game in such a way to even give you that option. They do, however, give you the option to adjust spawn times (obviously).

    Certainly the insta-spawning of vehicles means that vehicle (and plenty of them) are always prowling around on the battlefield/map. So you better be running engi or support (with C4) to take care of em when needed. Personally, if I don't have armor myself I think I much prefer the surprise C4 attack than trying to go toe-to-toe with armor and an RPG or Javelin. Teaming up with a couple of squadmates that are actually running together can make simultaneous RPG attack a pretty sweet tactic too though.. :) Nothing better than taking out an LAV or huey full of passengers. :)
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  • IMO u should keep the instant vehicle respawn
    it keeps the game more interesting cuz everyone is always on the move to avoid being nailed by tanks or helo so this provides massive camping (except snipers maybe) and for myself => i can C4 more tanks :twisted:
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