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Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:31 pm

  • Dell Studio XPS 8100
    i7 870
    8 GB Ram
    win7 64-bit OS
    ATI Radeon HD 5700
    Vipre antivirus 4.0.3904
    Win7 firewall is on but BF3, pkbuster A and B are allowed
    Hard copy installed first two times then d/l the entire thing on the next two tries
    pbsetup.exe installed and run multiple times
    At launch I could join multiplayer non-PB with no problems and also any co-op missions as long as I wasn't in the oss group on battlelog.
    PB-enabled multiplayer would give either "appcrash" or would hang on "Connecting". Singleplayer worked fine.
    After first patch I lost the ability to join any coop games but could still join non-pb servers and could play singleplayer.
    PB-enabled multiplayer would always hang on "connecting"
    After second patch I lost singleplayer and all multiplayer joining. However, the join message now hangs on "loading level" which is a step closer to joining than the hang on the "connecting" message. Just to see if it was a time thing, I pushed "join server" before leaving for work and it still said "joining server" when I got off work about 9 hours later.
    I did the big port-forwarding walkthrough with no effect.
    Any useful help is greatly appreciated.
    After posting the info, I decided to try my luck again. For no apparent reason, if I have disc 2 in the dvd drive when I push join(disc 1 does nothing), I am now able to join non-PB servers again. But still no luck with the PB-servers. I do get a different message when joining the PB-servers. It says AppHangB1. Now it's back to hanging on "connecting..."
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Mon Dec 26, 2011 1:30 pm

  • Curious I am...
    maybe you've tried it but:
    1. Disable your Firewall. Get into your Task Manager and stop it.
    (Windows Defender?)

    2. Do the same thing with your Anti-Virus.
    a. Several Anti Virus programs are incompatible with what's going on in Battlelog - Don't know why.

    3. Don't sign into Origin. If it's open, Close it.

    4. Start your Browser and get into Battlelog, choose a PB server and click on Join from within Battlelog.

    At this point, your Origin sign on screen should start.
    When it does, I minimize the Origin Screen and the Battlelog browser page.
    Then my BF3 logo appears in the Task Bar. I click on that to Maximize it and BOOM, the game starts up.
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Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:14 pm

  • I personally dont even use Windows firewall, I let Avasts shields protect me, and Blood is right, disable the Firewall through Task Manager (through the Processes), do the same with Defender (separate programs). I would try disabling Vipre as well, just to see what happens, as it is a program I am unfamiliar with myself, but it could potentially cause problems with the game.
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