Battlefield5 - 6th of May - rumors

Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:18 am

  • They will be announcing "Battlefield 5" on the 6th of May
    I think they are doing as a response of the Call Of Duty leaks. Because they porbably feel like if they don't announce something now they'll probably fall of the hype boat.

    However there are some rumors as to what BF5 will be and the most exciting one of all the time setting.
    All rumors I found by taking a quick look:
    -BF5 might hold place in WWI
    -It might be a mix between past/future/present (or a combo of 2 of these)
    -allegedly 5 DLC's planned (picture here: But lets keep it real, anyone could falsify this kind of info.

    The official Battlefield page on Twitter has been teasing the public with clips of Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam sharing and explainging the timeline.
    when asked in which setting they could BF5 to be they'll tell you to wait untill the 6th obviously.

    Personally I would buy myself BF5 instantly if it really is set in WWI or WWII.
    Im kind of sick of the futuristic style fps shooters are heading. COD way ahead of BF in that area but that doesn't mean they won't follow...but I hope not
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  • Horses and swords I saw in the promotional video. Then I went back to game....
    I fancy newer things like in the previous versions but who knows, BATTLEFIELD 1 might be really great once they release it in ....was it september or something. What we can know for sure is there shouldnt be any Lock Ons weapons. What happens if them horses dont do as supposed. Imagine some hacker makes youre horse insane....LOLZ

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