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Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:33 pm

  • Alright I have been slowly but surely compiling a list of software (preferably free) that is of great value and use to those of you who build your own or just are interested in computers in general.
    Repor feel free to chime in here with me, I'm sure you got a book full :p Ill update the list in this post so you dont have to fully scroll to get a link

    Antivirus programs:

    Avast- ... ag=mncol;1
    (This is the main antivirus I run, this or AVG are probably your best bet for the freebies, keep in mind though, layering is ideal)

    Malwarebytes- ... ag=mncol;1
    (Nice little freebie program, pair it with the Avast or AVG)

    Ad Aware- ... ag=mncol;1
    (Probably one of my favorite add on security applications, it detects more items than both Malware and Avast combined, team it with both of those and you are good to go)

    Utility programs:

    PC Wizard- ... ag=mncol;4
    (Awesome little program that gives you enormous information about your system, as well as benchmarking tools)

    DriverMax- ... ag=mncol;1
    (Just found this little fella today actually, helped me fix a bunch of issues I was having with my USB Controllers and get my external HDD up and running again, it will detect your drivers on your computer and tell you whether they are up to date and offer solutions and drivers if they arent. Keep in mind though, use with discretion, if you arent computer savy dont mess with it and let Windows Update do your drivers for you, as you can mess your computer up if you do something wrong. This program can sometime be a trail and error for newer drivers, but IMO its worth it. Forewarning: 2 driver downloads per day in the free version.)

    (I use the free versions, if you guys are interested in Benchmarking, this will press your hardware pretty good and give you an idea of its capabilities.)

    Daemon Tools Lite- ... ag=mncol;1
    (Should you ever need to run ISO images, this program is a gem and is easy to use)

    MSI Afterburner-
    (Nice little program for overclocking your video card as well as monitoring it, FYI *DONT* use it if you dont know what you are doing, ask for help from us first, unless you wanna possibly fry your card ;) )

    Fun to use:

    MP3 Rocket- ... ag=mncol;1
    (If you ever need a song downloaded, this is definitely a program worth looking into, I used to be a limewire user, my god this thing puts it to shame, just the vastness of the results you get is unreal)

    Media Players:

    Gom Media Player- ... ag=mncol;1
    (Have had this one recommended to me on numerous occasions)

    VLC Media Player- ... ag=mncol;1
    (The one I currently use, its very nice and plays EVERYTHING I throw at it.)
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  • Does anyone know of a nice free video converter.
    I get pissed at these rlv or especially the mkv files knowing that I now have to search the web for free trial versions.
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  • I like to torrent movies and convert em to mp4/avi files for my cell. What i like about my default video player on my android(4G Droid Charge!!!!!!) is that if i exit it saves the time and starts from there the next time I open it.
    I found one :) ... _full.html
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  • I got this SAMSUNG Blu-Ray player/writer in my PC...popped in a Blu-Ray Disc (Action movie: 2012)...results in :shock: ...NOTHING!!!
    Havent so far found any software (for free) to playback my Blu-Rays.. :(

    Not sure why the sell a blu-ray player/drive and not bring some software to actually make it possible to watch your blurays...???

    Edit: Thats a good list of softies...very useful! Ty!

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