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Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:31 pm

  • This is my feeble attempt to explain how OSS came into being...
    Hang in there, you all know I tend to get a little "wordy"... :oops:

    Naz, Roid, OGT, Shank and myself used to play a great little FPS online game called Red Faction. The name of our clan at that time, was the
    (TOXIC) clan. i.e. (TOXIC) Roid, (TOXIC) Naz, etc etc,...OGT was in a clan by the name of {HA} which stood for "Hell's Army".
    Shank was in a clan by the name of {FM} which stood for "Fuck Modders".

    Side Note: The term "modders" referred to the practice of Modifying the game files of Red Faction to enable cheats such as Unlimited Ammo, the ability to "Ghost" or fly through walls...So those who modified their files to cheat were called "Modders".

    This was around 2001-2003.

    Late 2003, the (TOXIC) clan had become essentially idle. A few still played the Red Faction game from time to time but mostly kept in touch through the clan forums. Some of the clan members were pulled away from the clan due to the attraction of a new group starting up called .tC which stood for "The Club".
    This was mostly made up of Red Faction players from numerous other clans.
    Of the few of us who remained, there was really no game to be played which grabbed our attention.
    Naz, in the meantime, had been working on a well kept secret.
    Soon many of us were invited to check out the new BloodRave site.
    Excited to move on, this was a welcome breath of fresh air to move away from the Old Clan and join in with Naz on a site which was primarily dedicated to casual online gaming - and.....was clanless.

    Being completely bored with the Red Faction game and the on-going battle with cheaters and hackers we began looking for something fresh to take on as a game.
    We eventually settled on a game called Star Trek: Elite Forces II for a while.
    Sometime later we had a lot of fun with a UT Mod game called UTXMP.
    This was the first game we played which included vehicles
    We also attempted the predecessor of Crysis, which at that time was called "Stalker". However the game never got off the ground at that time and it bombed with no Developer support.

    The new Bloodrave site was a blast. Though we were somewhat sorry to have lost touch with some of our old gaming friends from Red Faction, we didn't look back. As a matter of fact, the fun was just about to begin, even though at the time we were clueless about where this would take us or into what avenues it would lead...But it really started heating up..!

    Just read here how this came about...I think it's amazing how this thing developed slowly over a period of time...

    Here are some Date Specific events which occurred from July 2003 through January 2004:

    1. July 15 2003 - Using plain white player names in Star Trek: Elite Forces II with no clan tags.

    2. August 5 - 8 2003 - Using the = sign before and after our player names. Still White at this time and still using no clan tags.

    3. October 12 - 15 2003 - We Started using Bright Yellow = Sign before and after a Bright Red player name. These were the "famous" McDonald's Colors. Other clans told us we looked like the "McDonald's" Hamburger clan.

    4. January 21 - 28 2004 - We officially began using the OSS tags in Star Trek: Elite Forces II. We kept the colors as before since we were accustomed to them now.

    So according to Screen Shots supported from Roid's Files concerning the game Star Trek: Elite Forces II,
    We Officially became the OSS clan during the 7 Day period between
    January 21 to the 28 in 2004!!

    How cool is that?

    Note: Thanks to ROID for staying up late night to help with getting some old screenshots out of his files to get these dates correct!

    We did return to the game UT XMP under our new Clan Tags on occasion, but server support had waned somewhat and we mostly played the Star Trek game.

    Fight Nights had begun on a regular schedule between the Star Trek and UT-XMP games. Seemed like every time Naz or I ran a server for the Star Trek game to play on, we always had a full house of players wanting a piece of OSS.

    As the new OSS clan we still had not firmly decided on which game we would take on as our Clan Game.
    We delved into Unreal Tournament 2k3 and 2k4 for a while as the OSS clan and had a strong UT team.

    I want to mention here that many OSS'ers were not into UT as heavily as others. But there were some awesomely talented shooters who played UT.
    Naz, Injun, Bungle and others who's names elude me at this time....

    It was soon after that we took hold of Soldier of Fortune 2.
    This game was a great succes with everyone. By this time our numbers had grown and we became a fierce competitive force in the world community in this game. For about 2 years running we held the number one spot in the CSports.net league of Stats in Death Match.
    Virtually un-stoppable, we ruled this game for this short period of time.

    And of course everyone knows where we are now.

    Just a brief and rich history, which I know you all appreciate who have not been a part of OSS for very long, and a reminder of some great times for those of us who are the oldsters who were there in the beginning during the development of this great clan!
    I think we now have some of the best players in the world of online gaming.

    I know most of us had some online gaming or other DOS gaming time we all put in before we got into the Cable Internet or DSL type service.
    I remember playing Duke Nukem online in 1996. We used serial ports and dialed up through our 9600 Baud Rate modems and had a great time with that game.
    We delved into a game called Blood for a while and of course Quake and and older one called Descent which was fun to play as well...

    The game called BLOOD is from which I derived my Game Name.
    Originally I played as Blood Donor until my joining with the TOXIC clan back in the Red Faction times.

    If anyone else has anything to add please do so...I know I can't get it all correct all of the time. Someone can fill in the blanks where needed.

    Thanks for Reading this Novella. Hopefully everyone has a deeper sense of pride in being a part of OSS with such a great story behind us.

    - =OSS*BLOOD=
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Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:05 pm

  • Amen Brotha! :D
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Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:16 pm

  • Then along came DonkeyShow and Mr. Bungle. And like nobodies business they teabagged everyone and everything and then melted into the shadows like ninja's, never to been seen again. The end.
    ...the stench of death reveals the taste...
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Tue Feb 19, 2008 4:40 am

  • Factoids:

    Back in the Red Faction dayz is when we met FM Spineshank, who is today known as =OSS*SHANK=. :) :D FM was a RF clan that often fragged with us on Fightnights.

    Blood was originally known as "Blood Donor".

    The original Red Faction Clan name was [TOXIC].

    During our Elite Forces period, we actually had no "clan" established. But we identified ourselves as a group by colorizing our names with red letters bracketed by yellow "="'s. Due to the color scheme we jokingly referred to our group as the "McDonald's Clan".

    Pendamonium joined up with our group while we were playing STEF2.
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Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:38 am

  • This clan has such a great history and it's amazing how many old fraggers with new names I have run into.

    Nice idea writing this Blood! I remember when we were no.1 without change for more than 2 years solid in Csports. Roid dicing in the no.1 to no.5 position for ages.

    We have had players reach the top 10 (some at No.1 for a day or 2).. Roid, Crimo, HonkeyMofo, Tenchi and even me. But many in here I have found to be better without the rating. Donk, sadava, Pinky, Daddy and Aster (Pit) just to name a few. So you can't really measure it by a list, but more so holistically.

    Overall, this clan is remembered and it's amazing how many pipe up and say hi and how much they miss the good old days. One thing is for sure... OSS' reputation and respect has always been intact and more importantly... 'remembered'. :)
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Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:49 pm

  • Awesome - great to know where it all began... I know I'm new to the group - but it's a great group to be a part of. And the cool thing is... on most BF2 servers anyway - the OSS tags are synonymous with ass kicking!!!
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Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:39 pm

  • *sigh* I miss the good ol days.I'm going to have to build (or have crim build me :wink: )a new rig if i'm going to play any of the new games u all are playing. :( I miss fraggin with all of u bastid's and bastette (pink) :wink:
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Wed Feb 20, 2008 12:14 am

  • this is a great clan and we have alot of good times over the last 3 years or so, i love you guys :D

    I think its time for an old OSS group hug :D

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Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:46 pm

  • Red Faction -- no wonder you all called yourselves 'old school'. :lol:

    It's great and enlightening to hear the genesis of the clan. Before coming on board I remember you guys for having this trademark move in sof of peppering with the m4 before hauling out the shottie for the humiliating end. The weapon change was smooth as clockwork. Or of course if it wasn't that, then it was the friggin m4 nade taking 98% of your health before getting finished off with that goddamn shottie again. :evil:
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Thu Feb 21, 2008 7:12 pm

  • Hmmm, maybe we should setup a forum section strictly for our gaming bio's ?? Member's could list the games they have played and what clan/groups they have belonged to, etc.
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Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:36 pm

  • yes Red Faction modders dream or hackers we called them modders and we fuckn hated them {FM} FUCK MODDERS came along alies with Toxic NAZ Roid Blood few others then i came along yes {FM}SpineShank got the name from the rock band and Met DonkeyShow on vent got back with Roid took up Ut3 UTXMP 2142 with donk and came to bf2 and been here since look out for some of the {FM} crew Crinkled Kelvis Grey Eagle Hemp and hempson they play bf2 on wed
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Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:18 am

  • What? We're not playing SOF II anymore? :? :lol: :evil:
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Wed Feb 27, 2008 5:45 am

  • :D Group Hug , thats a great idea Pinky. Image

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Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:29 pm

  • ahh... the RF days. golden! I was in a clan called Hell's Army {{HA}} with Nomev, Plague, and lots of other very cool peeps. I remember this mysterious figure called Roid entering the servers, owning literally everything and leaving. He never said a word! We made several attempts to recruit him, but Toxic got him. damn those were fun times. Wonder what ever happened to Hitler... anybody have his email? all my old contacts were lost when msn closed my mail account due to inactivity a couple years back.

    It's pretty cool how 4 or 5 people came together and made something that has flourished into what it is. That has stood the test of time. So many people try to create gaming communities, but due to this or that, it seems most attempts fail in the long run. I know one of the big reasons OSS has survived is because of the active backbone of the clan- Roid. While my gaming activity goes in cycles and is anything but consistent, Roid's always been active. I hope you never hang it up brother!
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Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:58 am

  • The old RF days were indeed lotta fun. HA was a great bunch of guys and deadly on the battlefield too. I also miss the FM guys (Shanks old RF clan).

    Lotta great RF memories........
    Joker banning himself from his own clan server :lol: :lol:
    The immortal "El Santo" :shock:
    Fightnights .
    Fun Scrims with Shank and the FM crew.

    I was trying to remember what year it was Toxic disbanded and Naz fired up Bloodrave. Any of you oldtimers recall????
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