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Wed May 21, 2008 5:34 am

  • You can download it HERE

    Well now, that didn't take very long at all. In fact, one month (to the day) has passed since the dirrtyclan delivered the initial release of this amazing and useful gadget. The gadget was incredible to begin with, so what could they have possibly added to this gadget to make it even better? I hope you're sitting down...

    Version includes the following changes:

    Fixed Response Timed Out for some servers
    Provided a way to determine the correct query port
    Added new fields to Server Details (EngineVersion, MinNetVersion)
    Added Check for updates
    Reset interface when clearing Host information under Options
    Added more information to SideShow screen
    Limited maps to 10 for Favorite Maps Pie Chart
    Provided online help
    There are two key components of this release that really make it shine above the rest. First, they have added an automatic update checker. Whenever the gadget launches, or whenever you open the settings page, the gadget checks to see if it is the latest version. If a newer version has been released, a notification is displayed with a link to the new download. The second key component isn't actually in the gadget itself. Starbuck has created a web-based lookup tool that helps you find the correct server port to use. Many of the posts about this gadget have been related to problems getting connected to a server. In almost every case, the cause was an incorrect port number.

    The online help that has been added can be accessed by opening the settings page and clicking on the wheelchair logo. This takes you to a help page hosted on the dirrtyclan forums that contains plenty of useful information in the event of a problem. The rest of the new features and fixes represent a fine tuning of this already invaluable tool.
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